Friday, June 17, 2011

Taos Day 7 — The Electric Universe

Wednesday was hot. Inside the Taos public library two dozen members of the Taos Noetic Sciences Community gathered to nibble cookies, sip coffee and watch a 78-minute DVD - Thunderbolts of the Gods (the link gets you to part 1 of 7 on YouTube).

If all life is a journey, then the journey of the mind and spirit is the greatest of it all. Watch these videos and feel your mind stretched to conceive of an electric universe far different from the gravitational model espoused  by science today.
                                                  * * * * *
This morning I struck out along the dirt road that wends its way up the mountain behind me toward the Lama Foundation, a spiritual community established in 1967.  It is not Buddhist, or any single religion.  I walked about 45 minutes in hot, dry air, but not having water with me I turned back.

It is up this way that Kit Carson roamed early as a trapper, and returned time and again. He is buried here and there is a Kit Carson museum in Taos. The surrounding national forest is named for him, as is Carson City, Nevada, capital of that state.   JNR

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  1. Hi John! I have to say that Taos is one of our next destinations; such a beautiful unknown for me.
    I really do appreciate all of your pointers with getting our VW Bus back into shape. The surface rust really came through when we were in the Keys.
    I just hope she (Peniki our bus) looks as great as your Westy does someday. Thanks again and Safe Travels to you!