Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Not Much to Blog About

Not much to blog about today. Last night the entire western sky from my perch above Taos was a blanket of smoke and haze. The sun never set. It disappeared in mid-afternoon somewhere behind the gray. Today, though, dawn light fairy-like crept across the crests of mountain peaks and bathed the valley below in gold, under a clear blue sky. What happened to the smoke? I don't know.

Smoke Rises Above Los Alamos
The Las Conchas fire continues to rage outside Los Alamos. The city is abandoned. Federal officials say the radioactive waste stored in steel drums at the laboratory is safe. Not everyone is so sure. Some fear heat from the fire could explode the drums sending radioactive waste and vapors skyward in the plume of smoke and distributing particles as far as Santa Fe.

My main job today is to get the house I am house sitting cleaned up and ready for the owner, who returns tonight. Then probably Friday morning I leave for Truth of Consequences. I'm finding it tough to travel without Bus Companion but am getting used to it. The RV blogger community helps. It's mostly the sharing of things that I'm missing. Morning coffee alone is not the same as morning coffee with a friend, watching a sunrise or a sunset and not being able to turn to someone and smile hurts.

We are all tall trees when
we let ourselves grow. 
But I am not feeling sorry for myself. More and more travel is a metaphor for life. We learn much even in loss. Compassion. The transitory nature of things. It is hurt and loss that sweeten and sharpen the senses. New experiences and discoveries rewaken them.

And then there is the daily miracle. When I turn the key and electricity flows to the starter, the engine springs to life, the bus rolls down the highway and wind from the open window blows my hair ... ah, bon!



  1. Yes, the daily miracle. My car runs on positive affirmation at this point and I get excited every time she graces me with a humming engine.

    The Tuckerbag

  2. John, I so remember the bittersweet feelings of watching a sunset alone after I was widowed many years ago. When you head down to TorC, you are welcome to join me for coffee anytime, my friend. And I will show you the places where you'll meet other gentle spirits who gather over coffee every morning. Take care, and I hope to see you soon. Sue

  3. Great attitude towards life, John.

    Sure hope they get that Los Alamos fire under control before there's any danger to nuclear materials that may be stored there.

  4. Appreciating a sunrise or sunset alone, is better than not appreciating it at all...

  5. Yes, life can be lonely! But enjoy everyday.