Monday, July 1, 2013

Wake Up Or You Will Miss the Revolution !!

Millions — perhaps the largest political demonstration in the history of mankind — are gathering in Egypt. Size matters !  As in Brazil, once a political uprising gains critical mass it becomes too large to stop, even with police, tear gas, tanks and water canons, it cannot be put down.

Millions gather in Egypt
We have never seen this before!  And we have no idea where it is going !  But it can — and probably will — spread like wild fires.

The world is a beautiful and marvelous place too long controlled by tyrants, kings, governments, businesses that do not represent the true beauty and potential of humankind.  We do not know what is coming next.  Some will be fearful.  Yet this kind of movement like burgeoning grass cannot be stopped.

We are living in genuinely exciting times with genuinely unprecedented opportunities for this planet and its inhabitants.

We didn't — and never did — need the systems that controlled and separated us one from the other.