Thursday, June 2, 2011

Bus Companion — A Beautiful Life

As I write this post a very beautiful life is drawing to a close -- my Bus Companion, aka Miranda Smith, who spent much of last year living and traveling with me.  She is and will always be a true free spirit, a child of the universe, who gave so much and did so much that any obituary listing her accomplishments would fill a quarter page of the New York Times.

 But it is not and was not her accomplishments but her ability to love -- to love people, places, things, the planet -- that made her so special and that will make her so missed by so many. For me, she made a small vehicle with curtains and a few pots and pans a home beyond dream and measure.

For her children -- Simone and Tagore -- she showed the way.  For hundreds of friends she was an inspiration and a joy.  Now she is going over a bridge that we cannot cross.

I will be on the road again shortly.  But without her.  I do not know what that will be like, but I will keep you posted.   JNR


  1. John & Miranda`s family ,

    My love and condolences ! As a Cherokee man we honor and hold high esteem for the wonderful women of our tribes. At this time I would like to honor your precious and valuable Miranda ! May she be in CREATOR`s loving arms !

    Blessings2U ,

  2. Thank you, Wolf, for your beautiful words.

  3. You have my condolences and heartfelt sorrow John for losing your Miranda's is awesome you had so many good moments with her and shared so many sights, sounds and times together...

    Be well and grieve fully and travel well,

  4. Its hard when we lose those close to us. Celebrate her with the rest of your journey

  5. Sadu, sadu, sadu. A righteous and beautiful person left this life and will be in another life soon. Wonderful woman in a wonderful man's life.