Sunday, September 18, 2011

Yellowstone — Part Two: Bison and Beyond

Thursday we found the bison. More precisely they found us. The herd was migrating and crossing the road where we stopped. They all but ignored us, showing no fear or wariness, and walking past people and vehicles as they might a rocks and trees.

Bison never seem to hurry. (Click on all photos to enlarge.)
Strangely, they make little noise even on hard pavement, as though their hooves were of softer material than those of cows and horses; but it may be due to the ever-so-slow and deliberate way they move.

Bison never seem to hurry. Up a hill, down a hill, always the same leisurely pace.

A young bull munches.
The thick mane on the nape of the neck is both wiry, and thick and soft, at the same time. The coat is shaggy. Bison are designed to make it through the long winters when snow covers the ground and temperatures regularly drop to zero and below.

Below, the herd fattens on the still green and lush grass of late summer.

Friday, we returned to the same meadow. The bison had moved on. In their stead a pair of coyotes ran through the  thick, tall grass before skirting the river and scampering up a hill.

A coyote trots through tall grass. 

A pair of coyotes check out the river's edge.
But mostly we spent the last day enjoying the views—some shown below—before packing up and heading south to warmer climes and sunshine of New Mexico.

Pines, river and sky.

Yellowstone Mountainscape.

Yellowstone's 'Grand Canyon' viewed from top.

Vapors rise from a rolling river.

Yellow pine needles.
Go take a hike.


  1. Beautiful pictures! I can't believe I've never been to Yellowstone! seems unAmerican!

    The Grand Canyon there... breathtaking...

  2. I would love to go there some day !

  3. Great photography and as usual very good descriptions.