Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Off to Yellowstone at Summer's End

Yellowstone bisons.
It may be a while before the next post. We are off to Yellowstone for a few weeks of camping and hiking at summer's end, as the seasons change. It isn't clear if Internet access will be available or how much time there will be for blogging. But it should be a great adventure. One worth sharing with you soon.

Old Faithful.


  1. Wishing you happy days in Yellowstone. I have been there only once and only for one day. (Shame on me) But it was a promotional trip only. Are curious about your coming postings.

  2. Everyone should see Yellowstone at least once! I do hope you don't get snowed in.

  3. Hey John be careful of the black bears and grizzlies ! I can not wait to hear the fun you had at Yellowstone. Take care my brother !

  4. Hello!
    Much beautiful.
    You are invited follow my blog.
    God bless you and family.