Thursday, July 21, 2011

Elephant Butte

Elephant Butte State Park lies adjacent to the largest lake in New Mexico, Elephant Butte lake, and is the prime boating area for this land locked state. A marina stretches finger-like into the water. Boat ramps lead down to the water. Soft sand beaches are there for the bather and swimmer.

A floating marina stretches fingers into the lake
Dawn shoreline campers await sunrise

A few campsites stretch along the road bordering the lake. More are further inland. Hardier campers with four wheel drive vehicles may risk the soft sand to set up shelter along the beach.

It is one of three, and the largest, of the New Mexico state parks in the lake area created by the damming of Rio Grande river.

As in Caballo, birds abound. There is fishing. Most of all, though, there is boating. The park is on the western shore of the lake. The sun rises cross it bathing the water in early glow.

The photo of cactus was not taken at Elephant Butte but earlier on the way. The expression of harsh ruggedness and simple beauty under white cotton ball clouds merits inclusion.

I am camped on a hill top. I can see the sun reflecting fiery silver in the lake as I write.

It is a beautiful sight.



  1. That's wonderful! Love the cacti, totally worth adding

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  3. Thanks for picking up on that, Bob ....