Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Back at Caballo — Bus Problems

Caballo Lake State Park picnic site
I am back in Caballo Lake State Park, about 20 miles south of Truth or Consequences. I arrived last Friday after a 300 mile drive from Taos in hot weather -- too hot! I pushed the bus too hard and on a long uphill grade she overheated and suffered some damage. I limped the last few miles on two cylinders. The good news is I found a mechanic in Las Cruces, about 60 miles away, who can do the repairs. The bad news is that it will be about two weeks for parts and until he can clear his schedule to accommodate me. The good news is that he seems like an honest and nice guy. The bad news is I have plenty of time on my hands. The good news is that I am writing again -- thus the blog is back up (Sorry, I won't take it down again.) The bad news is that it is extremely hot -- upper 90s and brutal sun. This is taking a toll on my solar electric system. Solar panels are less efficient in high heat and my refrigerator wants to run more. The combo means each day my battery reserves are down a bit more.

I arrived here on Friday, just before the July 4th weekend. The park filled up quickly -- though the camp host told me not as much as last year. Still it was party atmosphere -- music, food, drinks. A festive mood. I like that. Life is joy and celebration! Now the party is over and I am pretty much alone except for neighbors in an adjacent site. They play music all day long -- an odd mix of everything from early 1950s oldies to Mexican to Eric Clapton and Disco. It is cheerful music, though, and I will miss it and them when they leave.

Pesky little flies, about half the size of house flies, have invaded my small home on wheels. They are very quick and hard to swat. I marvel at their energy. They are so tiny. What makes their metabolisms so efficient? What do they eat? My admiration is somewhat diminished  by how annoying they are. They like to buzz my nose.

I have discovered that if I did not want the bathroom facilities of a state park I could camp lakeside for free. Much of the land is BLM land. I have walked it and have seen nice rigs and setups at the shore. For now I like the ease and comfort of the park, one of the nicest anywhere. New Mexico has great rates. $14 gets you a full hookup. $10 gets you a site with table and water access. For $225 an out of stater like myself can by a pass good for one year good for camping in any of the state's many parks. I may just opt for this.

My posts may be less frequent for a while as I siesta in the sun and wait on repairs. But on the road or stationary the journey continues.



  1. mmm must be those one eyed flying purple people eaters.

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