Monday, October 14, 2013

Tumbleweeds, Sunsets

It was a peaceful and an uneventful 350-mile trip yesterday, south from Topeka to Oklahoma City, where I picked up I-40 and headed west, stopping at the Cherokee KOA Kamp Grounds last night, about 50 miles west of the state capital that rises above the plains. Evening came and so did rain.

Driving through the open, rolling Kansas countryside I saw tumbleweeds — ghost-like balls of fluff — rolling across open corn fields and darting across the interstate.
Photo taken from the southern ridge of Monticello Canyon
 looking toward Mount Caballo and Turtleback Mountain.

The Oklahoma rains continued overnight and made for good sleeping.

I am about 600 miles  from Truth or Consequences—two easy days.

Birds are singing in the soft morning. It is pleasant to take things easy.

This is not my photograph but one published in the local Truth or Consequences Herald newspaper. It is worth sharing.

Somehow the skies are taller, clouds catch play in the light in ways unimaginable elsewhere, as if God has a unique pallet on display in the southwest heavens.

Special thanks and welcome to MonaLisa Acuna, the latest member to join this blog!


  1. are traveling again. That's great. Looking forward to see your postings.

    1. Thanks, Peter. It's great to be on the road again !

  2. Yes, me too .... that is a gorgeous sunset ...that's the part of the desert I like ... the rises and settings of the sun... moon ain't bad ether

    "Birds are singing in the soft morning. It is pleasant to take things easy.'

    love it

    1. Yes, I am watching a morning sunrise over the mountains in cool, crisp fall air. Thanks for writing !

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