Saturday, June 23, 2012

One More Trip Around the Sun — On Turning 72

I turn 72.
This week I turned 72, and that gave rise to some thoughts.

It is sometimes said we should live each day as though it were to be our last. I find that impractical.

On the other hand living each year as though it might be our last  to me makes great sense.

A year is a good time frame for planning. A year has all the seasons, the holidays,  the birthdays of those we love.

The year stretching before us is elastic. It renews its full length with each sunrise.

My bus turns 43.
We celebrate each year as James Buffett once observed as One More Trip Around The Sun. That is the way of things on this planet. Annuals have one big year to get it done. Perennials get to come back and do it again — but one year at a time

Insects, animals, rivers, lakes, trees all are tied to this cycle of the sun. Even stars in the heavens reset.

Living each year then as though it were to be our last really does make sense. We get to plan ahead and do the things we want to do the best we way we can. Remember all the birthdays. Express all our gratitudes. If we work hard and practice we may even get good at it.

So that when that last year really does roll around we'll  be ready for it and do a bang up job without even having to try that hard.


  1. JOHN! Our very, very best wishes for your future. You have been an enrichment to us. Your blog is a wonderful source for insight and understanding.
    Thank You and a Happy Birthday!

  2. John, love your perspective. :)

  3. John, Happy Birthday...belated! And I like each year as if it's our last!

  4. Hi John,
    Happy birthday and is James Buffet the Magaritaville Jimmy?