Saturday, November 19, 2011

Beauty and Renewal

The beauty of life is in renewal.

As those who have followed this blog know it was set out and intended as a depiction of living and travels in a VW bus. Key to that adventure was Bus Companion. Fate cut her down last June.

The summer months were spent in healing, much of it in the town of Truth or Consequences, NM

Now that healing is well along. Life goes on. In 10 short days a new wonderful person will be flying out and joining me. We will renew travels in the bus, blogging about those travels, and eventually begin an eastward journey.

I have learned much in the months that have passed, about the beauty and the transitory nature of life and about the power of love. If life is a journey, as I believe it is, love is the fuel that powers that journey. Without it we are lost and fail to connect to the great world around us. It is only when we love that we are truly free.

This is my reason for being so long between posts—gearing up and  getting ready for the next stage and the next adventure in this brief thing called life.

Notes in passing.

A very fine gentleman, Walt Rogers (no relation) passed this way last weekend staying over in TorC for six days while on his way to the warmer clime of Quartzite, Arizona.

He took part in our weekly Thursday ritual here, Occupy TorC. Our ranks have grown from 17 the first week to more than 25 this past week.

It is a disparate and sometimes motley crew with homemade signs and big waves for the passing motorists who often as not wave back and honk their horns in show of support for something that they sense is an expression of something gone wrong in this great land that they know needs fixing.

Occupy TorC
What? I think that is the strength and the beauty of the OWS movement. It doesn't pretend to know or make demands but to raise questions and lift consciousness so that as more and more people get involved, more and more opinions are expressed little by little we will begin winnowing the wheat of clear thinking from the chaff of confusion.

Renewal is not only about life and love. It is about where we go as a people in this land and on this planet.



  1. Glad to see TorC has been Occupied! We've been busy supporting Occupy Cal and Occupy Oakland.

    Here's another good book to help your engagement with the process, "ECONNED" by Yves Smith.

    I tried to paste in a photo from Sproul Plaza today, but this comment form doesn't seem to allow it. Maybe I can use it as my profile photo.

    Cheers and Good Wishes, Dogen

  2. Happy to read about your new love... ;)

    also your OWS opinions are right on... raising consciousness ... unfortunately I've been reading various blogs where they seem to think it's about homeless people simply not wanting to work.

    I won't comment on their blogs... but it saddens me. Renewal...

  3. Thank you, Carolyn. It is always good to hear from you. I hope and trust you are doing well.

    The fact that the OWS movement has gained global recognition speaks to the fact that it is about a lot more than a few homeless people here not wanting to work. It is about a global problem of justice and fairness and finding answers to problems that for too long have been ignored or swept under the carpet. It is in fact a joyous movement and therein lies part of its attractiveness and its power.

  4. You're welcome, John... yes I'm fine.. I'm in Aransas Pass, Texas ;) on the beach....

    Dunno how you can reach these folk who think that way... amazes me. truly. but trying to get them to see further than the movement being full of slackers --- several have even written that there were plenty of jobs... It's just no one wanted them - not enough money ... that ol saw... they live in la la land